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New revenues cataloque (2013)

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Scandinavian Society for Japanese Philately


Skandinavisk Forening for Japansk Filateli


About the society


SSJP was founded in 1979 under the name ScaJaCo and had December 31 2014 in total 34 members in the Nordic Countries, 29 in Denmark, 2 in Sweden, 2 in Norway and 1 in Iceland.


The society is a forum for stamp collectors in Scandinavia with an interest in Japanese philately in all aspects. The Society has the printed member periodical Nippon Kitte Nyt (normally written in a Scandinavian language).


Examples of articles can be found under: "Medlemstilbud" in the Danish section


The society has also a large library with literature on Japanese Philately which the members can borrow. A list of the content is send to members.


In the society are members with expertise that can help other members in areas as cancels, translations and forgeries of the dragon, cherry blossom and koban postage stamps.

On the page: Japan - you can see some photos and old postcards.


If you want further information or have some comment to our pages, then take contact with the chairman or send us an e-mail at the address at the bottom of the page.



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