Mail colletion seal books - Meiji 24 (1891)

Shimohikoma post office - the mail collection books in JP 75/110-116

Meiji Period Mail Collection Seal Books by Kenneth J. Bryson

From  June 1891 zone 2 day 2-30 (pdf)

From  June 1891 zone 1 day 1-29 (pdf)

Form  Auugust 1891 zone 2 day 2-30 (pdf)

From  Novenber 1891 zone 1 day 1-29 (pdf) new

From  November 1891 zone 2 day 2-30 (pdf)

After the article went to press I have found two other documents from the same post office.

Official registered letter from Aikawa post office at Sado Island to Shimohikoma 1893  (pdf).

Receipt for registered mail from Shimohikoma to Tokyo 1887