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Examples of Japanese postmarks.


Pictures not in scale.



Two postmarks from the same domestic postcard. At the top a large Bota cancel from Tokyo. At the bottom a double circle cancel with town name Tokyo (two characters) in centre. In the ring around is the date 15-2-2 and the character ha. The date 15-2-2 is: 15 year of emperor Meiji, 2. month, 2. day) or 2/2-1882.


Two postmarks from the same domestic postcard. At the top a large Bota from Yokohama "Y" At the bottom a double circle cancel with town name Yokohama in ther centre. In the ring around is the date: 17-8-7 (17 year Meiji, 8 month, 7 day) or 7/8-1884

Nagasaki 23 jul 01 Japan. A  single ring cancel for foreign post. The same card has the Japanese domestic postmark seen below . Look at the whole card on the page: Cards/Letters.

Domestic postmark of the Maruichi type. This type was in use from 1880 to 1909). All text in the postmark is read from right to left. In the first line is the province name: Hizen. In the second line is the town name: Obama. Then a horizontal line. In the first line: 34 year (1901) 7 month. In the second line: day 22. In the third line: second post on that day.

Special FDC postmark after the Russo-Japanese war 1904-5 as a memory of the victory. Kobe 39-4-28 (39 year Meiji, 4 month, 28 day)  or 28/4-1906. The postmark was also used in other towns.

Postmark from an  Japanese post office in Manchuria: Port Arthur.O. The town was captured from Russia in the war. The date is: 5/9 1911 IJPO= Imperial Japanese Post Office

Sapporo comb cancellation for foreign post 5/8 1952

Domestic postmark comb cancellation Kumamoto 27-5-1 or 1/5 1952 time 0-6

Nagoya "Swordguard" 15/3-1963 with thick horizontal lines ( only used by large post offices) for foreign mail

"Swordguard" from Izuhara in Nagasake prefecture 25/2-1970 time 8-12. The pigeon in the lower circle part show that it is a first day cancel.

Mizusawa (town name) in Iwate prefecture 9/1 1996 time 12-18. This single circle cancellation replaced the "Swordguard" in 1986 and is still used today on foreign mail.

Scenic postmark with map of Japan and telescope from Mizusawa (two charactors at the left). At the right numbers with the year 8 in Heisei period (1996) January 9. Many places has these postmarks showing local subjects. Interesting for Thematic Philately.

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