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Postcard 1sen for domestic use in Japan type PC12 from 1876. Top left large Bota cancel Tokyo. Bota cancels was in use to 1888. Below a double ring cancel from Shibata (part of Tokyo) with the numbers 19-1-2 year month and day. The year 19 is the emperors year of reign 19 Meiji = 1886. Below to the left arrival cancel Osaka 19-1-5. So it has taken 3 days from Tokyo to Osaka.The text on the card is handwritten Japanese which can be very difficult to read - it is written from top to bottom and from right to left. The address starts with the town Osaka - same characters as in the arrival cancel. A translation of the address is: First line: Ôsaka fu  Shimo Umeda Nippon Yûsen Kaisha Second line: Nagano Gentarô sama. The receiver is: Nippon Yûsen Kaisha (NYK), which is the Japanese post-steamship co. It was established in September 1885.

These cards are rather common as many was send specially between the large towns.

A 4 sen postcard for foreign mail FC12. Japanese domestic Maruichi cancel (text from right to left) - first line the province: Hizen, second line the town: Obama, then a horizontal line and below that first line: 34 year (1901) 7 month, second line day 22, third line: second post on that day. Bottom left corner cancel for foreign mail Nagasaki 23/7- 1901. At last in the top left corner an arrival cancel from Copenhagen Denmark Kjøbenhavn Ø 1omb (first post that day) 2 8 ? - 2/8. That is not possible - maybe the postal clerk forgot to change the month, so the correct is 2/9.

Read the text if you can read Danish. Here is my translation:

Unzen 18/7-1901. Dear miss. Rie. Sitting 3000 feet above the sea in the Japanese mountains. Here is wonderful , so that words can not describe it. Large slopes covered with the most beautiful Azalea, Ferns and peony. Around us is hot springs and sulfur vapours (healthy). From the springs goes boiling water! - to the hotel, directly from the deep of the ground. And below us can we see the drifting clouds - a beautiful sight. The best wishes from Bob and Evelyn.

From the hotel has the card gone down to the coast at Obama ( first cancel - domestic) and from there to Nagasaki (second cancel - foreign). Obama did not have a cancel for foreign mail with English text).

Postcard with sen definitive stamp and a picture of emperor Taisho with special cancel Tokyo 8-2-11 or 11/2-1919 on the occasion of the 30th year for the Meiji constitution 11/2-1889. Japan was founded on this day by the first emperor Jimmu 660 B.C. when the emperor was coronated. February 11 was the first day in the first month that year. From 1872 to 1948 was February 11 the emperors day and many important things was done on that day. An example is the declaration of war with Russia in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904 and as in this case the constitution was given 1889.

Japanese culture first day cover FDC - stamp motives from Nikko and a painting. Foreign post cancel from Tokyo 3-3-1978 (used as it is send to UK.) and scenic cancellation 53 3 3 with a dragon and a small pigeon at the right. The pigeon mark is used only on first day cancels.

Sumo stamps om FDC - first day cover. At left a Japanese cancel Tokyo 54-1-13 or 13/1-1979. At the right a scenic cancel with Sumo motive.


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